The Rare Game Experience Is Officially Launched

We are proud to announce that the brand-new Rare Game Experience at The Kingdom Resort is open to the public.  This one-of-a-kind African game experience features some of the rarest game animals on the planet – many of which are not easily seen by the public anywhere else, except at the Kingdom Resort.

The Rare Game Experience is a natural and interactive Game Drive featuring extremely rare game animals, ranging from large to small (including those housed in our Tiny Tots enclosure), all within a secure environment.

These extraordinary animals are particularly uncommon due to a naturally recessive gene and are at significant risk in unregulated habitats due to their tendency to stand out from their herd and surroundings. Visitors to this completely carnivore-less Game Drive, suited for all ages, contribute to the conservation and protection of some of the most unique and at-risk African game animals ever!

What’s more, BMP Owners as well as guests staying at The Kingdom Resort enjoy an exclusive discount on the day-visitor price for the world’s first Rare Game Experience.

To find out more about this fresh and exciting attraction, visit the recently launched website at:  If you would like to enjoy the new Rare Game Experience, contact The Kingdom Resort’s Adventure Centre at +27 69 599 6614 or